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This is proved conclusively by the correspondence between Gregory the Great and John of Ravenna concerning the use of the pallium.

The rules regulating the original use of the pallium cannot be determined with certainty but its use, even before the sixth century, seems to have had a definite liturgical character.

He must again petition the Holy Father for the pallium.

In the case of bishops, its use is purely ornamental.

The evolution of this character was complete about the end of the eleventh century; thenceforth the pallium is always designated in the papal Bulls as the symbol of plenitudo pontificalis officii .

The object of this rule was to bring the metropolitans into more intimate connection with the seat of unity and the source of all metropolitan prerogatives, the Holy See, to counteract the aspirations of various autonomy-seeking metropolitans, which were incompatible with the Constitution of the Church, and to counteract the evil influences arising therefrom: the rule was intended, not to kill, but to revivify metropolitan jurisdiction.

The crosses on the breast, back, and left shoulder are provided with a loop for the reception of a gold pin set with a precious stone. The use of the pallium is reserved to the pope and archbishops, but the latter may not use it until, on petition they have received the permission of the Holy See.

Bishops sometimes receive the pallium as a mark of special favour, but it does not increase their powers or jurisdiction nor give them precedence. Others, even archbishops, may use it only in their respective dioceses, and there only on the days and occasions designated in the "Pontificale" ( Christmas, the Circumcision, and other specified great feasts ; during the conferring of Holy orders , the consecration of abbots, etc.), unless its use is extended by a special privilege.

Its use by others was tolerated only in virtue of the permission of the pope.

We hear of the pallium being conferred on others, as a mark of distinction, as early as the sixth century.

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From early times more or less extensive restrictions limited the use of the pallium to certain days.